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E3: Who was Emir AbdelKader, the hero of humanity?

I grew up Muslim and British. Some people use their differences as an excuse to keep away from other people. Their universe is limited to those who look like them, or sound like them, or pray like them. But even from a young age, I wanted to believe that we had more in common than...

E2: Who was Emir AbdelKader, the hero of humanity?

Over three hundred years ago, a poorly-armed Algerian Muslim leader battled one of the best-equipped armies in the world – and against all odds, held his ground. For a while.  The story of that struggle, and the legacy of that warrior, is one of the greatest stories in Islamic history. That warrior was of course...

E1: Who was Emir AbdelKader, the hero of humanity?

In the heart of Middle America, in the northeast corner of the State of Iowa, there’s a small town, a town so tiny it doesn’t even have a traffic light. In 1846, Timothy Davis founded that settlement, and named it Elkader, after an Algerian Sufi whose exploits had taken the Western world by storm. What...

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