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S2E6: Palestine Pt 6 – 1400 OMG

Another ten years passed of relative peace, yet tension, in region. Then, in 1967, the famous Six Day War occurred. It began in May 1967, Nasser orders naval blockade of the Gulf of Tiran to protest the Israeli diversion of the Jordan River. Out of fear of an Arab attack as revenge for 1948, Israel...

S2: Episode 3: The Whispers

The Whispers “Idris, is disgusting he eats ants!” the children whispered at lunchtime. Zara heard the whispers and her heart sank. The other children told her that she could only play with them if she passed the whisper onto the next person. Zara felt sad for Idris, he was such a kind boy and she knew he...

S2: Episode 2: No more plastic

No more plastic “Wohoooo” screamed omar as he put his head out of the bus window. His year 4 class were on the way to the waterlife park for a school excursion. Omar and his friends were having somuch fun laughing, playing, and eating. “Pass me the chips packet” shouted Omar. “It’s finished!” Issa said....

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