S2: Episode 2: No more plastic

No more plastic

“Wohoooo” screamed omar as he put his head out of the bus window. His year 4 class were on the way to the waterlife park for a school excursion. Omar and his friends were having somuch fun laughing, playing, and eating. “Pass me the chips packet” shouted Omar. “It’s finished!” Issa said. “Alright give it to me I’ll throw it”
“Here throw the water bottle too.” Omar opened the window a little more and threw the chips packet and water bottle out of the window. The boys all laughed.
“4 orange please clean up the area around you, we’ll be getting off the bus in a couple of minutes.” Said miss Mathews. Issa said here take this and throw it out of the window too.” “Good cleaning up” scoffed Omar.
Omar and his friends got off the bus one by one excited to see the marine animals. “I’m gonna go see the crocodiles first” shouted Issa. “They’re boring said Omar I’m going to see the great white sharks! Most dangerous animal in the ocean as they raced through the gates.
“Slow down boys” said miss Mathews. We will all go together to the “unseen marine” presentation and then we will split into groups. “Miss what’s the presentation about? I hope it’s not boring. “Well omar you’re just going to have to wait and find out.”
The children all gathered in the presentation hall that was dark with a bright spotlight at the front. “Ladies and gentlemen please take your seats we’re about to start”.
The lights were all off, not a sound. Then a faded sound of the crashing waves of the ocean began. Imagine an ocean with no animals a voice said quietly. No sea turtles, no fish, no sharks, no octopus, no jellyfish. No dolphins. Just water.” Maybe some dry, broken coral. You put your snorkels on excitedly to see the colorful fish and sea animals below. To find nothing. Quiet. nothing.”
This could be our oceans in the future. The lights turned on suddenly. Omar, Issa and 4 orange all stared in shock. Lucy the presenter standing at the front asked does anyone know why our oceans could be empty? What is killing our marine animals?
Everyone was quiet. One little hand popped up at the back. Yes, the girl at the back. “Plastic?” Maryam said unsure of her answer. “Yes!” Said Lucy. “That is one of the main reasons and the reason I wanted to talk about today. Did you all know that 8 million tons of plastic rubbish is thrown into our oceans each year? Some animals that are hungry don’t know that plastic is not food and eat the plastic. It kills them because it hurts their stomachs so much. Imagine if you ate all the plastic rubbish in your bin. Your stomach would be very upset wouldn’t it? Said Lucy.
“My mummy said that sometimes plastic can get caught on ducks heads and choke them” said mariam confidently. That’s right said Lucy. Just last month a whale in Spain died because it ate 30 kg of rubbish that humans had thrown in the ocean.
Omar and isa were shocked. They didn’t want sea animals to get hurt or die. Omar thought about all the fun times he had gone snorkeling with his uncle on their holiday in egypt. He loved the rainbow colours of the parrot fish, the beautiful dolphins jumping in and out of the ocean, and the turtles that swam ever so happily in pairs.
Issa thought about going to the beach and not finding any hermit crabs to play with or any jiggly jellyfish to admire. He thought of all the amazing sea animals in finding Nemo and was sad to think an ocean without them.
It is sad to think our sea animals are dying and could not exist one day …but we can all help. Does anyone have any ideas how?
Omar remembered his mum asking him to bring the recyclable bags when they went shopping. She said she doesn’t like to use plastics bags because it ends up in the ocean hurting our marine life. So he put his hand up and said “ummm not using plastic bags”.
Lucy was impressed. “Yes young man you’re right”. Not just plastic bags but all plastics can harm our
Marine life. Instead of using plastic bottles you can use a glass bottle or reuse your plastic bottles, containers and plastic spoons again and again.
“Any other ideas?” asked Lucy
Mariam from 4 orange said “put your rubbish in the bin?” Yes! Exclaimed Lucy. Throwing rubbish on the floor can harm our animals on land like birds, cats, and dogs. It can also harm sea animals if the wind pushes the rubbish into the ocean.
Omar and Issa looked at each other and deep down they were a little sad they had thrown their rubbish out of the bus window and onto the ground. They hoped it didn’t hurt any animals. At lunch time they both made sure they put their rubbish in the bin and cleaned up the area around them so no animals would get hurt.
Keeping our environment clean is part islam. If we harm animals Allah will ask us “ why did you hurt this animal?”. Allah loves us to be gentle and kind in everything we do. So remember to put your rubbish in the bin, use less plastic and look after the world around you or else it may just disappear!
written by Amatullah Kadous.
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