S2: Episode 3: The Whispers

The Whispers

“Idris, is disgusting he eats ants!” the children whispered at lunchtime.
Zara heard the whispers and her heart sank. The other children told her that she could only play with them if she passed the whisper onto the next person.
Zara felt sad for Idris, he was such a kind boy and she knew he didn’t eat ants! He just loved Za’tar and the kids didn’t know what Za’tar was! 
But she desperately wanted to play with them, so she leaned over to Yusuf and started to whisper….At first she couldn’t find her words ..umm..ummm.. “What are you saying said Yusuf? Just tell me quickly!”
Zara felt embarassed, she went bright red. 
She then quickly passed the whisper on to Yusuf and at that very moment she wished she could take it back!
“Hahaha, Idris is disgusting he eats ants and has ants in his pants tooo! “
Laughed Yusuf! That’s so funny!
Idris had a look of sadness in his eyes. He lived just across the road from Zara and they often played together. 
She was so disappointed that she’d hurt his feelings, Will he forgive her or play with her again??
After school, Idris’ mum told the teacher that she was going to pick up Zara because her mum was going to be late from work.
Oh no, Zara felt a tight knot in her stomach! She was looking forward to seeing her Mum. 
Idris’ mum pulled Zara’s cheeks, “how are you sweetheart?” Zara quickly looked away with a shy smile.
She really didn’t want to go home with them today. As she looked over to Idris, he looked away. He was avoiding her.
“Is everything okay children? said Idris’ mum. You’re awfully quiet today!” 
Idris nodded quickly “everything is fine Mama!” lied Idris.
“I feel really unwell khala, can I please call my Mummy?” Zara said.
“Oh dear, Okay, let me call her for you.”
Khala Hiba tried to call but Zara’s mum didn’t pick up! 
“Don’t worry she said, I’m sure she will call us back soon. Let’s go straight to the doctor and check if everything’s okay with you. Look it’s on the way home anyway, and you and Idris both see Dr Smith she will be happy to help.”
Zara felt even worse! She not only hurt Idris’ feelings but she had now lied about feeling unwell.
Dr Smith was a such a lovely doctor. Zara usually enjoyed going to the clinic because she would give her stickers and sweets but what was she going to say to her this time? She didn’t want to lie anymore. She was trying to think really hard about what she could tell Dr Smith.
“Good afternoon everyone, what a lovely surprise!” Said Dr Smith.
“How can I help you all today?”
Khala hiba told Dr smith that Zara wasn’t feeling so good.
“We decided to come straight from school”.
“What’s wrong Zara?” Dr Smith smiled at her warmly.
“You do look a bit pale” she said.
Zara nodded, she couldn’t find the words.
Dr smith checked her temperature, then her ears, then her chest, then her stomach.
She even checked her eyes, but everything looked fine!
“Hmm…well the good news is, I can’t see anything.” Dr Smith looked puzzled.
“Where did you say you felt pain again?” Zara tried to think fast, she pointed at her leg. Her hands were shaking and even Khala Hiba looked a little confused. But you pointed to your stomach earlier Zara. Khala Hiba reminded her.
Dr Smith asked Khala Hiba and Idris to wait in the waiting room.
“Give us a sec will you Hiba?” 
“Sure” Khala Hiba replied. “Come on Idris, let’s wait outside” 
Idris gave a look to Zara as he walked out, and Zara’s eyes started to water.
Dr Smith closed the door and Zara burst into tears.
“What’s wrong sweetheart, are you okay?” 
“I did something really bad cried Zara!”
“But why do you say that?” asked Dr Smith as she held her hand and gave her a tissue. 
Zara explained everything. “I am not sick, I just want my Mum.”
Dr Smith reassured Zara, “You are very brave for telling the truth, and I would feel the same way you do. Sometimes we all make mistakes, but the best thing we can do is to say we are sorry and ask how we can make it better.” Zara nodded and blew her nose.
Dr Smith called Idris and his mum back in and Zara told them what was wrong.
She explained everything.
“It’s okay Zara”, said Idris.
“I know you have a kind heart and you didn’t mean it. I forgive you and you will always be my friend.”
Zara felt much better and was happy that Idris was such a kind friend. “I am so sorry, I will never do it again Idris and I will tell the children to stop whispering and hurting your feelings!”
“Well that’s wonderful!” Said Dr Smith and she gave them sparkly stickers they both said “Brave heart!”. “Now you both look after each other,” she said with a wink.
Idris and Zara put their stickers on their jumpers and thanked Dr Smith. 
The next day, Zara and Idris’ mum decided to bake Za’tar pizzas for all the children. 
At lunch time Miss Foster told all the children that they would be having a special lunch picnic. 
Zahra and Idris stood holding pizza boxes, “Hey everyone!” they said “Who would like delicious ant pizzas??” The kids all looked at each other confused!
Zara and Idris opened the boxes. A yummy smell of fresh dough and za’tar filled the air!
“Mmmm the children said as they raced to grab a slice. “This ant pizza smells scrumptious” said Joshua. We’re really sorry for making fun of you Idris.
Idris high fived Zara “Thank you Braveheart!”
Zara smiled 🙂
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