S2: Episode 6: Save water

Save water

“Splash! Splash!” 
Khadija and Lamees splashed all over the place!
It was bath time and they loved playing for hours in the bubbly water.
“Woohoooo!” cheered Lamees.
“Let’s make another big splash!”
Woosh! she jumped up and down and the water filled the bathtub and went over the sides of the bath covering the floor!
“Oops!” said khadeja 
“I think Dad is going to be upset!”
They giggled and started to do smaller jumps instead of big ones.
Still though, water was splashing over the sides of the bathtub.
What they didn’t realise was that the water was slowly dripping onto the downstairs ceiling. Dad was in charge today. Mama was taking the day off to relax and so he was in the kitchen preparing dinner.
“Are you okay girls?” Dad called from downstairs.
“Yes Baba, we’re fine!” wailed Khadija.
Meanwhile the ceiling in the living room was leaking and the water was dripping onto Mama’s best sofa, she had only bought it recently.
“Do you know that Mum and Dad say that if we use too much water it will all disappear?!” Lamees exclaimed.
“Nonesense!” replied Khadija.
“Look there’s more water it will never run out!” and she turned on the tap to show Lamees.
They both giggled and fell back into the bubbles.
“Do you know that if there’s no water we would die because we need water to survive?” said Lamees.
“Okay clever clogs!” said Khadija.
“I will turn off the tap.”
Drip drip!
As more water spilt over onto the bathroom floor, downstairs the ceiling was leaking!
As their Dad turned off the cooker downstairs he started to hear a loud dripping sound.
That’s strange he thought! He checked the sinks and then started to look for where the dripping sound was coming from.
Puzzled, he started to look around. 
The dripping sound got louder the closer he got to the front room.
Suddenly he spotted the bubbles in the ceiling.
The special sofa was very wet, it had caught some of the water!
Dad rushed over looking up at the ceiling. 
“Oh no!” He raced upstairs to see the girls splashing away!
“Stop girls! The ceiling downstairs is leaking!”
The girls froze! They could see their dad was clearly upset.
“Why is there is so much water on the floor?!”
Their dad wobbled and almost slipped as he tried to tip toe on the bathroom floor.
Khadija and Lamees suddenly felt bad.
“Sorry baba! We didn’t know.” 
Baba was not happy at all, he had a cross face!
“I told you not to waste water! I told you to be responsible and you both promised!”
The girls came out of the bath and helped their Dad drain the water. They were upset with themselves. Baba told them he didn’t want to talk until all the work was done.
Downstairs they watched their Dad work really hard drying everything whilst they tried to eat their dinner.
“I don’t feel hungry.” whispered Lamees.
“Me neither!” said Khadija
Dad overheard them, “I hope you don’t waste the food on your plates.” he said. “You’ve wasted enough water today! Eat up!”
The girls finished their dinner in silence.
The TV was on and the lady on the news was talking about a country called Somalia where there was something called a “drought”. 
“What is a drought?” whispered Khadija. 
Lamees shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know.”
The lady on the news explained how the land was all cracked and the poor children looked very tired and sick, they had no water and very little food she explained.
They were getting more sick because the water was dirty.
Lamees and Khadeja felt even worse.
They finished their food and went up to their room ready for bed.
“I feel so bad I don’t think I can sleep!” said Lamees.
“Me too! I think we should do something to say sorry to Mum and Dad and also to the children in Somalia!”
They heard their Dad coming up the stairs.
Dad asked them to pick out a book for bedtime and they chose a book that had lots of lovely drawings and the words from the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
As they were reading their book they found a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, he said, “Do not waste water even if you were at a flowing stream.”
“Let’s make a big poster!” said Lamees!
Lamees was good at handwriting and Khadija was good at drawing they worked together and drew a drop of water and the Planet Earth.
Lamees carefully copied the hadith of Prophet Muhammad. 
The girls were almost done when they heard their Mum downstairs,
“Assalamu alaikum everyone!” she said as she walked in through the door.
They quickly picked up their poster hiding it behind their backs and raced down the stairs. 
Suddenly Mum gasped as she walked into the front she saw her new sofa, all wet! “Oh no! my new sofa!”
Dad was still trying to dry the ceiling and the sofa. He looked tired.
Mum turned to look at the girls, disappointed.
“Sorry Mama we didn’t mean it, it was an accident!” they both said. 
“We have made something for you because we want to say sorry!”
They pulled out the poster from behind them.
Mum and Dad’s eyes lit up!
Suddenly, Dad didn’t look so sad anymore! 
“Salaa Allah ala Muhammad (sending salutations upon the Prophet). What a beautiful hadith?!”
He sighed and they had a family group hug.
The next day they took their poster to school and told their class all about what they had learned. The children decided to spread the word and make more “save water” posters to hang around the school.
Khadija and Lamees went home with a happy heart.
Allah gave us this Earth to look after. We should never be wasteful even if we have so much. There are others around the world who don’t have the same blessings as we do. Be grateful always and share what know with your friends.
You never know, maybe one day you will make a big difference!

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