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Hanan Dover | PsychCentral, Mission of Hope & a few taboos.

Hanan Dover |Founder of PychCentral In 1882, a small group of Italian men left Roseto Valfortore and set their eyes towards New York. The village they settled in remained relatively unknown until 1961, when a physician caught eye of a strange fact: People in this village had far fewer heart attacks than the normal population....

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Riyaad Minty | AJ+, TRT and everything in between.

Riyaad Minty | Co-founder of AJ+ The AJ+ phenomenon is a familiar sight for anyone using the internet today. Short, flashy and yet compelling, AJ+ videos have become a staple in the modern news industry. Far less known, however, is the young South African who played a major role in building it: Riyaad Minty. As...

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Mohamad Jebara | Islamic Values and Modern Business

Mohamed Jebara | Co-founder of Mathspace The Global Financial Crisis is a stark moment in the modern memory. For some, it illustrated the deep flaws within the existing system. For others it meant a lot of lost money. But for very few, it became the site of a deep reassessment of their life’s direction and...

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Naz Shah | From Poverty to British Parliament

Naz Shah’s Story The streets of the UK buzz with cars, laughter and excitement. From the outset, life goes on and everything seems normal. In a small household in Bradford West, however, things are far from normal. A confused 6-year-old Naz Shah sits contemplating the events that had just unfolded. Events which she would only...

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Mufti Ismail Menk | Struggles of a Worldwide Mufti

Mufti Menk talks about his struggles There is a popular perception out there that the shaykhs and the mufti’s have it easy. In between the local masjid, the library and classroom, the question pokes at one’s mind – how hard could their life be? We pose this question to Mufti Menk – a familiar name...

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Dalia Mogahed – Muslim Engagement & The White House

Dalia Mogahed On Muslim Engagement Being a Muslim in the modern world carries multiple dilemmas and paradoxes. Forced into the public spotlight all so suddenly, the political arena which Muslims are compelled to navigate is nothing short of frantic. There are so many questions but it seems there are so little answers: How should we...

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