Mohamad Jebara | Islamic Values and Modern Business

Mohamed Jebara | Co-founder of Mathspace

The Global Financial Crisis is a stark moment in the modern memory. For some, it illustrated the deep flaws within the existing system. For others it meant a lot of lost money. But for very few, it became the site of a deep reassessment of their life’s direction and greater purpose. Mohamad Jebara was one of these few.

A senior partner at a lucrative derivatives trading firm (at the age of 25!), Mohamad profited heavily as the Global Financial Crisis deepened. Whilst not contributing to the crisis itself, the market volatility made for a profitable playground for traders like Mohamad. As the days went by, Mohamad would break profit record after record. To put it mildly, Mohamad was doing handsomely well for someone just 25 years of age.

Strangely enough, Mohamad decided to leave it all. As we sit with Mohamad on the Transit Lounge, we poke at the mindset that led to this perplexing decision. Surely enough, Mohamad describes his dilemma of operating in the zero-sum game that trading was: there was no value created for the Akhirah (hereafter). Sure, he made a killing during his time trading, but he wasn’t adding any value to anyone’s life. As a Muslim grappling with his faith today, that just wasn’t good enough.

Taking a year off travelling, reflecting and spending time with his family, Mohamad knew a couple of things: Firstly, he loved Mathematics and truly believed in its empowering capacity, and secondly, he needed to add value to the world around him. The interaction of these two principles saw Mohamad bring to the world Mathspace: A start-up digital tutoring company which rewards students for learning Mathematics. Whilst Mathspace hosts over 500 thousand active students and 20% of Australian schools now, it was far from an overnight success.

Mohamad debunks the romanticised start-up story: things are never easy, and breakthroughs are few and far between. Interestingly, this wasn’t something that broke Mohamad. Described as an unfair advantage, Mohamad’s Islam bought something to the table that other start-ups didn’t have – Tawakkul. Tawakkul as an unwavering trust in God’s plan, not only lets him get through the tough times, but also keeps him from ever compromising on his principles.

On episode 6 of the Transit Lounge, we uncover more pearls of wisdom about how Islamic values permeate Mohamad’s inspiring work in the education start-up space. We also hear about why Mathematics is critical today more than ever, and how Donald Trump’s election would’ve been prevented with more Math literacy!

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