Omar Hamid | Design Extraordinaire and Co-Founder of LaunchGood

Omar Hamid | Co-Founder of LaunchGood

Unlike most people strutting through the college/university cycles, Omar’s career really started to kick off during his high school years. A design whiz at a young age, Omar started his own agency out of his parents’ house – Alfenn. Servicing some very sizeable clients, Omar took the liberty of not doing the university motions and instead focused on developing his art.

Sooner rather than later, Omar got tapped on the shoulder by a man named Chris Blauvelt – the founder of a nascent start-up called LaunchGood. LaunchGood’s idea was simple – it was going to be the platform which connects Muslims with great ideas to thousands of funders across the globe. It was like a Kickstarter specifically tailored to the Muslim world. Omar took on the project but quickly found himself directing most of his time and energy to LaunchGood. It came to the point where he didn’t want to work on any other projects and instead tried over and over (sometimes without being asked) to perfect the LaunchGood platform. Omar had found his passion.

Eventually, Omar pursued this passion and went all in with LaunchGood as a dedicated co-founder. As we sit with Omar on the Transit Lounge, he tells us that the start-up experience is no easy one – “It’s like falling off a cliff and trying to build an aeroplane on your way down”. Omar’s philosophy rests on a fundamental pillar: Just do it and your Rizq (wealth) is from Allah. It is the effort that is sought – not the outcome. Omar could live through his start-up experience because of this very wisdom (an “unfair advantage” as he calls it) and how much he believed in the cause of LaunchGood.

Amid all of this start-up success in the United States, Omar’s next move was slightly different, but we won’t say we were surprised. Omar found himself plastered over billboards in the Arab world – not for a LaunchGood Marketing campaign or for some exclusive big budget design project – but as a budding TV celebrity in Qatar. Starting off as a phone call with a relative to discuss a “start-up idea”, this opportunity translated into Omar being a participant and an effective superstar in the Arab world. A seemingly strange digression from the crowdfunding industry, Stars of Science saw Omar design something that would address a problem faced by every Muslim at some point of their life – a chair for praying in the masjid.

On the season finale of The Transit Lounge, Omar talks more about his vision for LaunchGood, the reason why they don’t search for investors and the road ahead for him and his various projects.

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