7 Stories

Hosted ByWasan Altikriti & Moeed Ahmad

7 Stories is a children’s podcast for your ride to school.

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7 Stories is a podcast for your ride to school. These highly produced 7 minute stories are sure to keep your kids engaged while in the car! A Toledo original and the first of its kind for Muslim parents and children, this show is hosted by Wasan and Moeed.

We’ll have funny stories…and sad stories…and scarrrrry stories….but each story has an important message for you to discuss with your children! We’ll hear stories such as Spidey the big red spider, and about the chicken that was an eagle!

We’ll be releasing one story every fortnight. If you have any ideas for new stories, please write to us.

Wasan Altikriti is a mother of two young girls and is the founder of Arabic learning-resources start-up called ‘Arnoub’. Wasan is a public speaker with a PR and Media background.

Moeed Ahmad is a digital media executive who has spearheaded the launch of multiple successful brands like AJ+, Jetty and Contrast VR within Al Jazeera where he currently heads Innovation and Research. He is passionate about open source technologies and other community enabling movements such as the Creative Commons. Most importantly though, Moeed is a father of three boys with plenty of experience dropping his kids to school!

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S2: Episode 7: My journey to Salah

It’s our last episode for Season 2 🙁 Leanne throws her first salah party! She gets to choose 1 salah. She invites her friends to play with her outside...

S2: Episode 6: Save water

Save water “Splash! Splash!” Khadija and Lamees splashed all over the place!It was bath time and they loved playing for hours in the bubbly water. “Woohoooo!” cheered Lamees.”Let’s make another big...

S2: Episode 5: No one sees me

No one sees me Noah quickly hid his money box under the bed. “Are you okay Noah?” said his big sister Salma, as she stood at the doorway. Yes yes. I’m...

S2: Episode 4: Basma and Stardust

Basma and Stardust Basma couldn’t stop biting her nails. She was nervous because it was her first horse riding lesson. She loved horses, and had wanted to ride for...

S2: Episode 3: The Whispers

The Whispers “Idris, is disgusting he eats ants!” the children whispered at lunchtime. Zara heard the whispers and her heart sank. The other children told her that she could only...

S2: Episode 2: No more plastic

No more plastic “Wohoooo” screamed omar as he put his head out of the bus window. His year 4 class were on the way to the waterlife park for...

S2: Episode 1: Gifted

Gifted “Joud was nervous. It was her first day of school and she didn’t know what it was going to be like.  “Come on sweetheart, you really need to go...