Episode 0: The Transit Lounge Trailer – Why Transit Lounge?

So you might be asking, “Why Toledo Society? Why Transit Lounge? Why bother?”. We asked our Head of Content, Mohamad Zaoud the very same questions when he first told us about his idea for a Muslim Podcast network. His reply, an eloquent recount of a trip he previously took to an island of random animals. Listen in and you’ll see the snow ball effect of a single thought turning into a fully operational podcast network.

And for those that don’t know Mohamad Zaoud, who is also the host of our first original production – “The Transit Lounge”, you can see his short bio here:

Mohamad Zaoud is a brand enthusiast and consults businesses and NGOs on brand & growth strategies. He’s currently the Manager of Digital Growth – EMEA, and formerly Head of Marketing MENA, at Al Jazeera Media Network where he’s worked on flagship brands including Al Jazeera and AJ+.


One comment on “Episode 0: The Transit Lounge Trailer – Why Transit Lounge?

  1. Junaid says:

    Excellent initiative – thank you! I have been thirsting to find a quality podcast service that offers relevant programming I can listen to on the go (and subscribe my young children to) without having to worry about inappropriate content. Hopefully, this will help to fill that void.

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