Episode 4: Mufti Menk – Struggles of a Worldwide Mufti

The Transit Lounge Episode 4 with Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk is arguably the most popular and renowned Mufti on the planet. Having been in the ‘Top 500 Most Influential Muslims’ list 6 years in a row, his name and online lectures are a staple in millions of Muslim households. To no surprise, we learn the Mufti was reading the Quran at the tender age of 3 and memorised it cover-to-cover by 11 (yes, you read those numbers right). A fast-tracked upbringing was just the beginning; after being enrolled (somewhat a surprise to him) into Madina University, Ismail Menk began on a journey of hardship, enlightenment, struggle and joy. We trace the Mufti’s journey from childhood in a Christian school, to early medical career aspirations, studying abroad and a difficult divorce – all of which made the Islamic Scholar we know as Mufti Menk.

Check out the Toledo Society blog where we summarise some of the key lessons from this episode with Mufti Menk.

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  1. Aslamu. Alkushem warhamtulhi wabarkathu

  2. Na says:

    It’s annoying that it has music!!

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