Episode 5: Naz Shah – British Parliament via Poverty

Abandoned by her father at six, Naz’s family was jumping from squalor to squalor and living meal to meal. Far from a normal upbringing, she was sent to Pakistan at 12, to protect her from the man sexually exploiting her mother over a mortgage. She was forced into an abusive marriage at 15, and upon return to the UK, was beholden to her mother killing her abuser. From here on, Naz was thwarted into a life juggling between campaigning for her mother’s rights, visiting solicitors, working odd jobs and raising her younger siblings. We sit with Naz and hear of the incredible set of events which took her from homeless, abused and uneducated, to eventually gaining a sweeping victory over George Galloway as the Member for Bradford West. If there is any story that embodies true perseverance, it is this one.

Check out the Toledo Society blog where we summarise some of the key lessons from this episode with Naz Shah.

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