Episode 6: Mohamad Jebara – Islamic Values and Modern Business

By any measure of the word, Mohamad Jebara is a true Math whiz. Scoring in the top 0.5 percentile in his year 12 finals, he ventured to take on the toughest Math he could find at university: actuarial studies. By his mid-20s, Mohamad’s genius saw him being named senior partner of a lucrative derivatives trading firm in Sydney. But after just two months, Mohamad dropped it all. Something just wasn’t right. From here on, with a relentless pursuit of value, faith and principles, Mohamad brought Mathspace to the world; a unique start-up changing the way children learn Math through reward-based digital tutoring. We trace Mohamad’s journey from growing up in a Lebanese household of 8 siblings, all the way to the struggles of the start-up space and uncover some gems about practicing Islamic values in the corporate world.

Check out the Toledo Society blog where we summarise some of the key lessons from this episode with Mohamad Jebara.

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