Episode 7: Riyaad Minty – AJ+, TRT and everything in between.

Riyaad Minty grew up in a South Africa just recovering from decades of oppressive apartheid. With a keen interest in human rights in a post 9/11 world, Riyaad chose to do a Law degree at university; but only for so long. With a vision in mind and a company to build, Riyaad dropped out of university after his first year of study. Starting off in the animated greeting cards and ringtones industry (back when it was revolutionary, that is), Riyaad eventually moved to Doha to pursue an e-marketing role at Al Jazeera. Through a mixture of pure genius, a desire for impact and a deep spiritual drive, Riyaad went from the junior no one had time for to the man that would play a major role in bringing AJ+ to the world; a purely digital news outlet that has changed the way humans consume news.

Check out the Toledo Society blog where we summarise some of the key lessons from this episode with Riyaad Minty.

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