Episode 9: Shahed Amanullah – Silicon Valley, Start-Ups and Muslim potential

If there is anyone who has walked the world through his career, its Shahed Amanullah. He’s worked at several major engineer firms, at the World Bank, in real estate development and in the US State Department. But these jobs have only been in between what Shahed is truly passionate about – creating, leading and supporting impactful start-ups. A Silicon Valley native, he founded Zabihah.com – a Yelp for Muslims (before Yelp was a thing), Zakatify – an app changing the way we do Zakat and is currently the founder and CTO of Affinis Labs. We cover all bases with Shahed – from Muslims in Silicon Valley, to what makes a successful start-up and how Muslims should approach business today.

Check out the Toledo Society blog where we summarise some of the key lessons from this episode with Shahed Amanullah.

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